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Unit Title: Media Comparison
Grade Level: Grades 9-12
This unit is broken into three separate lessons about layering transparent color. Each lesson revolves around a new medium allowing students to compare how each one differs. Initially, students will design an image with three overlapping shapes to use in each lesson. After each medium is sampled, students determine which they will use for a more complex image.

Motivation:Students will be asked if they have ever tried to represent a similar image in different materials. Students start to generalize about why one might choose this approach. Comparing similar images below in digital media, water color and cut paper, students will be asked to highlight unique characterisitcs of each medium. After looking at these examples students predict which they think they will most enjoy before starting the first lesson.
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Author: I look forward to hearing from other art teachers interested in developng this project. Please Email me through this link Alyce Grunt.

Lesson 1: Digital Imaging
Lesson 2: Watercolor
Lesson 3: Cut Paper