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Lesson Two Media Comparison: Water Colors
Objectives: Building from Lesson 1, students layer transparent watercolors and compare how workig by hand differs from working digitally.
Teacher reviews with students, determining their familiarity with color relationships and color mixing. How might water color layers compare to digital layers? Students are shown how to transfer their image from lesson 1 onto watercolor paper, by using tracing paper and shading the back of the image with graphite. With the tracing paper placed over the water color paper, student re-draw their image, thus transferring it. Finally, given a limited palette of three colors, students are asked to paint their designs, observing what happens in overlapping sections.
Image from lesson 1, six inch squares of watercolor paper, paints, tracing paper, graphite pencils, water and brushes.

Time/Lesson Modifications:
1-2 class periods.
Students compare their layerd digital image with their water color image. By observing the work of the whole class, what generalizations can be made about similaritiies and differences between the two media?