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Lesson Three Media Comparison: Cut Paper
Objectives: Building from Lesson 1 and 2, students now create the illusion of layers by using cut paper. By using an inherently opaque medium, students learn to choose colors that effectively appear to be overlapping.
Reviewing lessons 1 and 2, begin to distinguish layered colors that result from overlapping transparent color from creating an illusion of layerd color. Using cut paper the teacher demonstrates transferring shapes from lesson 1 onto yellow and red paper. The overlapping shape is traced onto orange paper and placed in the design.
Matrix from lesson 1, six inch squares of background paper, colored paper, glue, scissors, tracing paper and graphite pencils.

Time/Lesson Modifications:
2-3 class periods.
Students now compare their images in all three media, again generalizing about similaritiies and differences. Students are now ready to choose their prefered media for a final more complex layered image.