[Alyce Grunt]

I currently teach art at Pollard Middle School in Needham. I am also completing a master's degree in art education at Massachusetts College of Art.

Work Area

Teaching Philosophy

Current computer technology provides new tools and methods of research in the art classroom. Exposure to sophisticated graphics and image-manipulation programs increases the possibilities for creative exploration. Perhaps more significantly, however, lie the vast implications for communication available with the internet. For both teachers and students, the potential to quickly access images, and information about their creators, provides an immediacy to the subject. Additionally, evaluating work may expand beyond the classroom. A teacher might put their class in contact with another art class, enabling further exchange of work and feedback. This increases the idea of peer review, in which students' classmates play an important role in evaluating the work of others; outside contact might evolve to simulate the work world, in which panels, judges, employers or visiting artists review one's work.



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