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Do While On-line Events participants were from all over the world. To facilitate coordination, start time for events were listed as Greenwich Mean Time and our local Boston, MA, Eastern Standard Time(EST). We have learned from experience that synchronizing watches for an event can be difficult especially due to regional daylight savings time schedules.

To use the clocks for any event synchonization:
The clocks at the bottom of the screen are based on your computer's time, so it must be set right to work correctly. Check that the local time is ok. The Greenwich Mean Time must agree with the US Navy which broadcasts the GMT over the internet. Hopefully, both of these are correct (to within a few minutes). If not then the time and the time zone on the computer must be set correctly. Search for the appropriate control panel on your computer.

Please reference several on-line resources to learn more.

Time Zone Resources

Local Times Around the World
Search by nearest Continent and add hours.

Swiss Info
Another option for Local Times Around the World

Date and Time Gateway
Calculates current time for most major world cities based on GMT.

More Time
Many links to time related resources.

The US Navy says
the GMT is:

Your computer says
the local time is
Your computer says
the GMT is
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on time zones