Projects at Do While Studio

Tipping Point: Health Care Narratives from the South End
-- Commumity-based, Interdisiplinary Project

Laboratory for Ephemeral Investigations
-- Interactive Sculptures

Epileptiform : 5 REM
-- Brainwaves to Sterling Silver

Instrument for Mediated Terrain
-- Robotics and Moss

Acupuncture for Temporal Fruit
-- The Building of an Interactive Sculpture

Breathing Room
-- Environmental Projections

Experiments for "Growing" Sculptures
-- VRML Visualizations of DNA

World Wide Simultaneous Dance
-- Live Dance Performances

K-12 Curriculum Development in New Media
-- Professional Development opportunities for Art Educators

Intelligent Font Design
-- Genetic Design for Moving Type

-- A Living Database for Artists

From the Storm
-- Artists With Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Computer Assisted Marionette
-- Out of the Body Theater