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Denise is a visual artist / arts educator currently teaching at Marshfield High School. She is certified to teach Art Ed. for grades K-12. Denise has also taught at Dover-Sherborn Regional High School. With a B.S. degree in fine Arts and a minor in education from Bridgewater State College,she is currently enrolled in graduate courses with Massachusetts College of Art.

Unit Plan: Geoscapes
Lesson 1 : Value Scale and Geometric Shape
Lesson 2 : Using Value and Gradients to give Form to Geometric Shapes
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Teaching Philosophy

All students should feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the creative process and their understanding of art. Through a variety of medium such as clay, painting, drawing, printmaking and computer graphics, students can develop an appreciation for master artists and their styles as well as exploring their own artistic selves. Art is an outlet for self expression and personal success. Through creative problem solving and an understanding of the basic fundamentals of art and design students can realize limitless visual possibilities. With the increasing availability of computers in the classroom and the enormity of the resources they provide , students need to learn not only how to use and manipulate all of the tools involved with various programs but also how to apply their knowledge of art and design to now the computer screen I believe in a project based approach when familiarizing students with computer generated artwork. Students learn to use the tools within a given program during the creative process,there by the use of a specific tool has a direct relationship to the effect that the student is visualizing. By intergrating technology into the art curriculum teachers are exposing students to a new and exciting media. Showing them how to use the new technology within a traditional artistic approach and also showing them how to achieve their goals within the new media is very exciting both for student and teacher.


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