Unit Title: Geoscapes
Lesson 1: Value Scale and Geometric Shapes
This is the first lesson in a unit plan called "Geoscapes". Its purpose is to familiarize students with the 3-D qualities of geometric shape but also introduce them to the value scale. The lesson includes computer generated images as well as work in traditional medium.

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Creatingand Performing Strand: Learning Standard 2. Grades 5-8
Creating and Performing Strand: Learning Standard 2. Grades 9-10
Connecting and Contributing Strand: Learning Standard 7. Grades 5-8
Connecting and Contributing Strand:Learning Standard 7 Grades 9-10
Grade Level: Grades7-10
  • Help students gain an understanding of value, shape, and form.
  • Students will begin to explore the tools of a chosen program to assign form and value to 3-D shapes.
  • They will use traditional worksheet format to complete this project on the computer and at their desks

This project takes approx. 20 minutes on computer and 20 minutes at the drawing table.
Teacher should discuss geometric shapes, value and form with the students prior to beginning the project. Have on hand examples of work that have used geometric shapes in an obvious manner.The class should discuss images that are considered geometric (the form from which other things are created).

Geometric forms worksheet (available for reproduction at a future date), 9" x 12" sheets of white paper, drawing pencils, erasers, computer with computer worksheet already scanned in, a paint program that allows students to select an area and assign a percent of color to it (i.e. 100% black- 10% black, and white), a scanner and a printer.


  1. Explain to students how to access work- sheet page and allow them to become familiar with the tools you are asking them to use.
  2. Have students work through page creating value scale first. The Number 7 should be assigned the value black(100% color) and the number 1 the value of white.
    (#2-17%, #3-34%, #4-50%, #5-67%, #6-84%)
  3. Assign the correct value to the "color by number" spaces on each geometric shape.
  4. Save work to disk
  5. Print out page
At drawing table;
  1. Hand out worksheet to students
  2. Students should use pencil to complete work
  3. Explain to students that the number 7 should be assigned the value of black, and the number one should be white.
  4. The values in between should be from a very pale grey (#2), to a medium grey (#4), to a dark grey (#6). The values for #3 and #5 are easier to make after the others are complete (I have the students visualize that they are applying coats of paint when applying value, one coat for #2, two coats for #3, and so on).

the two exercises and allow students to comment and discuss the differences and similarities. Do they see applications for both procedures?


In a classroom where there are a limited number of computer workstations, students can be working on both aspects of the lesson, taking turns on the computer at the drawing table.

Author: Denise Taglienti