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Mission: Do While Studio provides an opportunity for artists to consider the social ramifications of technological expansion, and to prepare for their roles as the creators rather than the consumers of new media.

Vision: Do While Studio is a small and focused community offering an alternative to the way technology is assimilated in day-to-day art practice. Conceived by artists as a non-profit organization in 1985, we ground our collaborative work in the development and critical appraisal of digital technology - always in concert with traditional forms of artistic expression such as painting, sculpture, poetry, choreography, storytelling, music and design. We believe that artists are the historical purveyors of cultural reflection; therefore, it is essential to our mission that artists participate in the early stages of technological development.

Getting Involved: Do While is not a public access facility. Our Programs involve outreach consultation to other not-for-profit endeavors which goes towards furthering our mission. Individuals can contribute their technical and artistic assistance through Do While by giving their time to our community projects. Organizations can partner with Do While to help facilitate important community work in new media. Your tax-deductable donations of equiptment, expertise, or cash can make a difference in the artist community and the quality of educational programming in Art Technology.

For information on how you or your organization can get involved with Do While Studio programs please contact Jennifer Hall, Director.

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