Catalog Forward by Steven C. Schacter, MD

"Listen to the pain of two affected persons(1)."

"While my first seizures were more terrifying than subsequent seizures because I had no idea of what was happening to me, having seizures does not become any easier with familiarity. If anything, each one is a frustrating setback: a reminder that my epilepsy is not under control, an indication that my medication dosage is not sufficient, a signal that I must start over my 'countdown' until the day I may drive again, another reason for my family to worry about me."

"But other pains are here now, fears of the future, not epilepsy, just of the future. I was demoted at work, hurt by the removal of all the titles I had in the past, hurt by a reduction of a large portion of my salary, and not having many choices today about a job due to the economy today. I was also hurt by this state because they refused me a driver's license even though the doctors gave me written permission to drive two months ago. Personally too many unrelated things have been denied, refused or next to impossible to obtain."

1. Schacter,S.C. Brainstorms: Epilepsy In Our Words. Raven Press, New York.

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