Catalog Forward by Steven C. Schacter, MD

"Quotes from People with TLE"

Sometimes, seizures can be triggered by certain environmental or internal factors, such as alcohol, strong emotions, intense exercise, flashing lights or loud music, illness and fever, the menstrual period, lack of sleep and stress. Listen to the words of some people as they describe their seizure triggers (1).

"I began having many seizures a day that lasted between 60 to 90 seconds at a time. I began to identify when my seizures would take place. Every time I get happy I would have some seizures and for someone like myself it became a curse, for I loved to laugh. I also get seizure when I get mad."

"I have noticed certain environmental factors which have become more difficult to manage, including bright sunlight, flashing lights in darkness, and sequentially flashing lights or sequentially moving objects."

"Two or 3 days before I have a seizure I get a headache which comes and goes for 2 days. I see flickering light which obstructs my vision and leaves my eyes bloodshot and tired feeling."

"Certain tones or pitches can bring such a chill up my spine or an uncomfortable feeling that I turn off the music or get up and leave the area."

"A seizure can be triggered from a minor, certain sustained musical notes or even the constant hum of a modern building ventilation system."

"The seizures tend to be more intense and frequent if I am already in a generalized, high-stressed state."

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1. Schacter,S.C. Brainstorms: Epilepsy In Our Words. Raven Press, New York.