Unit Title: New Media

Unit Title: New Media Lessons for the Computer
Lesson Title:Symbolic Imagery
Author: Paula Duddy
Overview: Consider the words like greed, joy, sorrow,war,etc. What images can you make using MSPaint to symbolize these concepts?

Frameworks: Arts Content
Grade Level: Grades 9-12
.To become familiar with the drawing tools on the computer.
.To integrate text with symbolic images .To work with the strong effect of white marks on a black field
Time: 120 minutes
Motivation: Stuents will discuss the work of Keith Haring. Using the the drawing tools in MSPaint they will work in black and white to create symbolic images. Their computer generated images will be prerequisites to larger images students may wish to create in traditional tools.
Materials: Traditional art supplies including large black paper white paint, white chalk, computer workstations with a paint program, discs, printer. Optional Supplies: digital camera, LCD display.
1. Students will use the computer to brainstorm by creating symbolic images and text on the computer using white marks on a black field.
2. Some possible subjects might be: the arts, the environment, social issues.
3. Their images should be instantly recognizable.
4. If students decide a simple text message it cannot exceed three words.
5. Students will save their images on a disc.
6. Class will critique and discuss the process and problem solving
7. Images will be printed...students may have several images
8. Students will select their strongest image to use during the next art class for a larger design made with traditional materials.
Reflections: Does your image communicate an obvious theme, message or idea? Consider placing an image inside another or the same image. Use part of an image, repeat it, or repeat a pattern inside of it. Consider using curved or straight lines, create textures, think about juzxtaposing two related forms.
Resources: MSPaint, Freehand, Drawing Tablet
Modifications: It is possible to adapt this design for other uses such as posters, T shirts, buttons and logos.
Special Considerations: Students will come to the class with a variety of computer skills from beginner to advanced. A "buddy system" policy where one student can help another can be effective.