Unit Title: New Media

Unit Title: New Media Lessons for the Computer
Lesson Title: Working With Complementary Colors
Author: Paula Duddy
Overview: This lesson is designed to introduce students to MSPaint as an art-making tool. Using traditional creative problem solving skills students will develop a color image using the three sets of complementary colors: red & green, blue & orange and yellow & violet.

Frameworks: Arts Content
Grade Level: Grades 9-12
To encourage students to explore color, composition, and traditional design principles using readily available computer software.
To explore the use of complementary colors using an organic object such as a vegetable, fruit, plant, leaf etc.
To use the drawing aspect of MSPaint to illustrate an object and to colorize the object using opposing sets of complements.
Time: 40 minutes
Motivation: In a previous lesson students have a gained a general understanding of the use of complementary colors and have worked through a color theory project of an object using traditional art supplies. In this lesson they are ready to use a computer as an art tool to work through the same color issue.
Materials: Computer Workstations, MSPaint, Discs,Color Printer Optional Supplies: Slides, digital camera,LCD display
1. Provide time to discuss the use of commplementary colors.
2. Show slides of works of art created by students in the past.
3. Open computers to MSPaint & describe use of tool bar
4. Demonstrate saving to the A: drive
5. Students will have about 25 minutes to create images
6. Assist students at individual computer stations, if needed
7. Class will agree on three of the strongest images to critque.
8. Save work to be printed out during the next class
Reflections: What is appealing to you about the process of using the computer to make this design? Did you create a complete scene or did you freeze your object as if in a movie frame? Does the color scheme you created feel unrealistic or objective? How could you use your design for an advertisement or the cover to a magazine?
Resources: Color Wheel, Slides, Tool Bar on MSPaint.
Modifications: This lesson may require more than 40 minutes.
Special Considerations: Students will come to the class with a variety of computer skills from beginner to advanced. Use a buddy system policy where one student can help another.