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Adina Sabghir is a visual artist / arts educator currently teaching art to Grades K - 7 at the Benjamin Banneker Charter School in Cambridge.

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Lesson: Body in Motion

Teaching Philosophy

I think of the young people in my classes as the creators of untapped possibilities. Employing new media, as a tool like any other tool for creation, expression and the generating of artistic possibilities empowers these young people to think with and use new technology along with old. Empowering them to expand their experience, repatory, comfort and skill using the World Wide Web, graphic software and an array of imput and output devices will unleash their capacity to create a new deflinition for what making art can mean.

How I teach art, what I generate in my students is much more important then any particular skill ar technique they can learn. Who they see themselves as, as artists, as powerful confident communicators of their own expressions is what I most want them to leave me trained in. Art serves as the perfect medium for building the muscles of their unique self-expression. Having access to every medium that might inspire even a single individual is critical. New media - computer imaging, is a tool that can open the door to many opportunities, many avenues of expression, still and animated imagery, time based and cyber imagery creating new meanings and possibilities for art. These opportunities serve in this late 20th century classroom as tools that can empower young people as artists, as communicators and as confident individuals.

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