The K-12 Curriculum Development in New Media project was created to balance the enormous volume of New Media: digital imaging, multi media, and internet technology, to the content and critical thinking provided by art teachers.

Our mission was to facilitate the work of educators, by creating teams from various school districts to develop curriculum fully integrating the arts and new media technology.

The K-12 Curriculum Development in New Media program created a series of face to face seminars in which K-12 art and technology educators worked together to develop and share methods integrating computer graphic tools with art classroom and interdisciplinary projects. Using the Massachusetts Art Curriculum Frameworks as a guide the educators developed classroom goals and project ideas, which were modified to suit grade levels and a variety of hardware and software classroom configurations. The results of this work is published on this web site as a resource for K-12 art and technology educators.


If you are an educator, and are interested in learning more about this project please contact Blyth Hazen.

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