The artists of Do While Studio in Boston, Massachusetts are collaborating on BREATHING ROOM, several window installations viewable from the street at 122 South Street, the corner of South and Beach Streets. The work will be exhibited between 8pm and 10pm on Wednesday, May 5 through Saturday, May 8.




Kathy Desmond's window installation SOUTH STREET, BOSTON consists of a large scale drawing combined with video. The surface of the drawing creates a visual and emotional space. When placed in the narrative of the drawing, the video is an attempt to create an additional dimension and to investigate the presence of spiritual life.


CONCEPTIONS OF BEAUTY is a video montage by Keith Donaldson of vintage time pieces interspersed with the faces of children. This wok will be accompanied by the music of Lisa Housman with a song of the same title. CONCEPTIONS OF BEAUTY addresses the violent loss of innocence as a function of time and how Western standards and paradigms are forced upon us all.



Blyth Hazen exhibits SELECTIONS FROM THE ALGEBRA DRAWINGS. Using an algorithm and a database of marks, these animations are a sketchbook for a series of oil paintings.




Laura Knott will exhibit HOME AT LAST, an installation of a dance video piece exploring the images and ideas of home and hominess. The piece, viewed through the window of miniature house, will look at the cycles of joy and sorrow contained by idyllic, iconographic home.




CORPUS is a window front installation created by Anne Loyer and Andy Cavatorta with viewer triggered events, confronting issues of identity through the juxtaposition of body parts. Viewer decapitation possible.




KEYWORDS, by Joan Shafran, is about how we communicate in changing environments. The use of language evolves in tandem with the evolution of technology. Language developed in subtle ways as books changed over centuries. Today, because of the rapid growth in technology, language has little time to catch up.



Meg Young will present excerpts from THE BOOK OF HAIR, a multimedia project for women with hair loss that explores hair as an expression of my individual and cultural identity. The presentation will include excerpts from "My Head as an Art Form," and Hair Float, an overview of the history of hair styles.