Jed Speare
Artist in Residence, Summer 2004
three projects:

research and writing on time, time-based arts, and different cultural and disciplinary notions of time

Health and Safety - video/performance for the exhibition and conference by this title sponsored by the Wyspa Progress Foundation, Gdansk, Poland, September, '04. The broader theme, the re-use of post-industrial spaces, will be embodied through this event, as the organizers seek to take the former shipbuilding apprentice school at the historic Gdansk shipyard and turn it into a future art institute. My video/performance, a two-channel projection with shadow-play and live actions, juxtaposes and combines imagery from the active part of the shipyard with the abandoned interior of the proposed institute. Much of the imagery was also processed at a residency at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York in April of '04.

A Quiet Zone - as a part of the performance art festival, Five Holes: Listen, produced by FADO in late September '04, I am creating a project in Toronto where I will establish, through municipal channels, a "Quiet Zone" - not for the purpose of restricting noise, but for promoting sound awareness and contemplation.


This residency at Do While has been supported in part by a grant from the Nicholson Foundation.