Sam Ogden
Photography Consult

Sam Ogden specializes in Technology / Science photography. His technical background and creative strength combine to make him one of Boston's foremost technology photographers. He was an assignment photographer for the two most recent Rick Smolan books, "One Digital Day" and "24 Hours in Cyberspace" which included shooting high tech stories at MIT and Harvard. T.R. Reid, the technology reporter of the Washington Post, reviewed the latter, released in December 1996, and says: "The photos are simply marvelous. The ones I like the best include...Sam Ogden's weirdly apropos double exposure of Tim Berners-Lee, the Swiss genius whose brainstorm created the World Wide Web".

Sam Ogden has been an assignment photographer for the following publications: Scientific American, Science, Discover, Technology Review, Popular Science, New York Times, Der Speigel, New England Business and Boston Magazine. His pictures have appeared all over the world in numerous science magazine and books including: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Selection du Reader's Digest and Scientific American Frontiers.