Dorothy Simpson Krause
Professional Development Consult

"I focus on timeless personal and universal issues; hopes and fears, wishes, lies and dreams, immortality and transience, challenging myself and the viewer to look beyond the surface to see what depths are hidden. I embue my work with the quality of allegory; not to be factual, but to be truthful in character. There are no prescriptive messages, but the montaged images invite subversive readings. By questioning the issue of power and how it is implemented, the dignity of the individual and the strength of the spirit is celebrated in my work. I have worked on the Apple, IBM and Amiga and I currently use a Mac clone; I usually prepare a custom substrate for printing and work back into the printed piece with traditional artist materials."

Dorothy Krause is Professor of Computer Graphics at the Massachusetts College of Art, Corporate Curator for IRIS Graphics, Inc. and a founding member of Unique Editionsª, a digital artists collaborative. She is a speaker at conferences and symposia and a consultant for manufacturers and distributors of products used by fine artists. Her work is exhibited regularly in galleries and museums and featured in more than three dozen current periodicals and books. In July 1997 she organized "Digital Atelier: A printmaking studio for the 21st century" at the National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution and was an artist-in-residence there for 21 days.