Tim Anderson

"The artist should produce and disseminate propaganda that changes behavior and policy. Confront the historical moment and have relevance by fighting for what is right. The artist that isn't in the propaganda business is in the entertainment business."

Tim's Bio:
Tim Anderson is from St.Cloud Minnesota. He puts on a monthly "Potluck Performance and Charity Election" at the MIT Electronic Research Society (www.mit.edu/activities/miters/home.html). He is a founder of Zcorporation(www.zcorp.com) which produces 3d printing (modelmaking) machines. He helped develope 3d printing machines in the MIT Mech E. dept for 3 yrs. He applied the techniques of algorithmic composition to motion control, and built "Van Gogo", a robot that paints oil paintings. He took computer music classes from Tod Machover at the MIT Media Lab. He built and sold the first few ibm clones seen in central Minnesota, sewed bras for cows, was on the ski patrol and in the band "Not the Fetal Wombats". He built a bunch of big soft surfboards and got his family to paddle them over waterfalls. At St.Cloud State he studied electrical engineering and philosophy, started listening to books on tape at the Minnesota Braille Press, and built a robot that opened combination padlocks. In Akita, Northern Honshu, he studied blacksmithing with Kinzo Kodama, aikido with Prof. Ogata, and played in a mandolin orchestra.