New Media Design Projects (3.0 CR)
Graduate Level Course
Fall 2001

Semester Long Course - Small Class
Highly Personalized Curriculm

Course Description

Strategies for linking different forms of information: facts, figures, images, documents and other resources allow people to design and deliver powerful, consistent and often highly personalized organizational messages across a wide range of media. Designing in new media is based upon a broad understanding of the user needs and the successful management of many modes of information as part of the design process.

This course researches the edges of new communication technologies by applying client driven problems for state of the art design solutions. Students will develop strategies for planning, managing and implementing new media projects. Focus will be on designing for virtual environments, including both broadcast web publishing and flexible internet communities.

Students will meet weekly with their design team to present their work in-progress. Limited space available.

This course is run in conjunction with the Massachusetts College of Art Division of Graduate and Continuing Education and graduate credits are awarded through our Cooperating Institution Program. Professional Development Points for are also available and are awarded by Do While Studio after successful completion of the course.


Knowledge of the Macintosh Operating System (UNIX or PC skills a plus), traditional design web publishing skills, and permission of either instructor. Samples of CD-ROM or on-line work required.

Group Meeting: TBA
Teachers: Joan Shafran :
Jennifer Hall:
Cost: 3.0 Graduate Credits$870.00
Professional Points Only$670.00
Lab Fee:For all students$200.00