Do While's dynamic and innovative activities are given regular visibility and acclaim for our exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and tutorials from such institutions as The Boston Globe, Art New England, Newsweek, The Discovery Channel, NHK Television in Japan, WGBH Radio, UMASS Radio, as well as international media, educators, and art institutions. Access to people with disabilities: In both 1985/'86 Jennifer Hall, Director of Do While Studio, received the IBM Home Computing Award to develop a gestural hand-tracking device that allows a home computer to read and process American Sign Language. In 1993, Ms. Hall curated an exhibition, "From The Storm: Artists with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE)." The exhibit received the Candlelight Award from the Massachusetts Epilepsy Foundation for increasing public awareness and supporting artists with epilepsy. "From the Storm" has traveled to Australia, Newfoundland, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. and is part of Dowhile.City.